me too denny’s

me too denny’s

it’s not hot year round depending on where in florida you are but when it’s hot it’s HOT and it’s humid and it’s horrible so like no don’t move here 0/10 would not recommend

michigan is like the worst weather-wise in september it was 100 degrees very briefly (i dont have air conditioning) and three or four months later it was -35 degrees (the walls inside my flat were iced over) ive had like 7 months of winter or something gross like that

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yeah no don’t move here unless you move to orlando bc that’s the only progressive city in the state (okay and miami but orlando has theme parks and better weather)

tbh i cant do the year-round heat id die in florida u would find me overcooked in bed

when i met jaya i ate like a sloppy baby i got shit all over my shirt i was an embarrassment


we cute #j4lexa

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i’d say move to florida and live with codie and we can hang out but tbh florida sucks

florida sucking is also a thing stopping me from being a fucking idiot

what if i just moved across the country. that’s a thing i can do. i could like call up codie and be like i need a place to stay help out please. or like fuck i could buy a ticket to london and start working some shitty job waiting tables. i could totally fuck up my life right now and literally nothing is stopping me because i’m a fucking idiot who doesn’t listen to people.